Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lose Weight by Eating More Fish and Less Meat

Now don't get me wrong here, because I am not one of these goody-two-shoes nutrition "experts" who is anti-anything meat. There is nothing I love more than a tender juicy steak! For that matter any meat product is fine and dandy with me. Having issued that proviso though, it is a good idea to incorporate more seafood into your diet. Now I know there are some people who cannot tolerate even being in the presence of seafood. A guy who's mortgage shop I worked in was like that, and whenever I would bring some left over seafood to warm up in the micro wave for lunch I'd hear it from him immediately. I would try to minimize it by warming it on the lowest setting and for the shortest possible time. That didn't pass the smell test (so to speak) either; even if he was out of the office during lunch, when he'd come back an hour or so later he'd still catch it (no pun intended) and call me on it. I don't know what his problem was, but there was no fooling him. A problem it was though, for him anyway, because eating fish is the most healthy thing we can eat. The people who live on the island nation of Indonesia are plagued with the thyroid condition known as goiter. Why, and I know it's counter intuitive, because they do not eat any fish! How a people who are surrounded by water do not eat any fish is a mystery to me, but the key thing they are missing from their diet by neglecting to harvest natures bounty from the waters around them is iodine. Consequently most of them are walking around with these huge growths protruding from their throats. It's absolutely hideous, not to mention a needless shame.

We all should be eating fish at least three times a week especially if that fish is Salmon ( pronounced Samon, by the way. That is one of my pet pronunciation peeves when I have to hear these precise individuals pronounce the silent "L" in salmon, but again I digress, because I could go on and on about other pronunciation faux pas here. So relax. I'll spare you.) Salmon is loaded with good fatty acids in the form of Omega 3s which in our normal diets we don't get much. We get more of the Omega 6 fatty acids that we get from vegetable oil, which causes an imbalance in our systems and can create a host of health issues not the least of which is heart disease. The reason for eating fish is just the reduction in the animal fat that meat has and the propensity for that fat to accumulate and cause us to get fat and consequently overweight. I know it's not easy because you have to do a little planning in addition to choosing fish over meat when you're at a restaurant. Now I'm not talking about eating battered and fried fish here for the obvious reasons. The best way to eat fish is baked with olive oil or grilled so that you get the maximum health benefit from eating it.That said even eating fried fish is probably better than eating meat. Like everything else, you just have to make a conscious decision that you are going to incorporate more fish in your diet and then work out a plan how you can do this.

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