Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Arby's Pastry Turnover Ad Rant

I've been seeing these television advertisements lately for Arby's, for the uninitiated that is a fast food chain here in the States whose unique selling proposition was a roast beef sandwich. They first came on the fast food scene back in the 1960's and they were all the rage because they used to slow roast a round of beef in a rotisserie that was placed right on the counter for everyone to marvel at. It was a meat lovers sight to behold, too! This beautiful large hunk of beef hanging and being supported by 3 large-link shiny chains, slowly turning and getting a deep dark caramelized crust was just too much to resist. All me and my meat-loving high school buddies could think of (well, almost all we could think of) was when we were going to get back there and feast on one of those sandwiches made with that rare roast beef. They served it on a sesame seed hamburger bun and you could embellish it if you liked with one of their three sauces: two barbecue style with one being hot and spicy, the other being a horseradish sauce that they called Horsey sauce. As I said, the meat was served rare and really didn't need any help, but those sauces were good especially the Horsey one and it made for a little variety. Then in the early 1970's everything changed because those pin-heads in the ivory tower at corporate decided to fix something that wasn't broke, at least in my estimation anyway. All of a sudden gone was the counter rotisserie, and they began serving this ersatz beef product that looked something akin to particle board. Sacre Bleu! I was absolutely incredulous at this drastic change, because the meat bore not even a remote resemblance to their late great offering. What a disappointment; needless to say I stopped spending my hard earned money at Arby's. Oh I've I tried them again in the past few years, because they have advertised on TV different sandwiches like a Reuben, which I love, but when I went in to get one they were pricey and a shadow of the good looking sandwich in the TV ads. Upshot being, I don't need to spend money on this either. So you probably gathered by now that I've written them off my retinue of fast food places I stop in from time to time.

Now in their new ads they come up with as a kicker this sorry looking turnover filled with chocolate that that they drizzle a swirl of more chocolate sauce, of all things, over the top. What a joke. Yeah, that's just what this fat over stuffed culture needs is another lard-ridden pastry to wash down a sorry excuse for an expensive sandwich. I can't imagine that appealing to anyone; at least someone who is being mindful of their weight and what they are putting in their system. So I guess the point of this rant is if you too have seen that ad, and it has piqued your interest as something you'd like to try, maybe you'd better think again if you are serious about losing the excess lbs!

 I rate this menu selection a Double Dumb Food Choice because it's a carbohydrate nightmare.
Arby's Pastry Turnover Ad Rant

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