Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hemorrhoids Brought about by Obesity

Here's another unintended benefit of being grossly overweight....Hemorrhoids. Please excuse the sarcasm there, but I only use it to illustrate a point. The point being that here's another good reason to get motivated to loose the excess baggage even if you are not currently suffering from this condition that is frequently brought about by obesity, because being obese puts you at high risk of (ahem) acquiring this dreaded condition. I mean that would be just what you need, right? It's not bad enough that you are dealing with the daily struggle of toting all those extra pounds around and all the adjustments you have to make to your life, now you have hemorrhoids and all the discomfort and bleeding that goes with them. Ah the joys of being overweight!

The good news here is that hemorrhoids brought about by obesity can most likely be eradicated by eliminating what caused the problem in the first place...i.e. corpulence. That's right. Lose the weight lose the hemorrhoids. It's not rocket science, people. So the best thing you can do, whether you as yet have these precious little tormentors in your nether region or not, is to make healthy life style changes and begin making the common sense choices outlined in this site dedicated to doing just that. If you can do that it will contribute to your overall health and not just the risk or actual pain of the "H" word.