Weight Loss Tip #9 Get Off the Donut Wagon!

If you are a regular at your local Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme's (that is, if there is still one open near you), then I think it's safe to say you are not serious about weight loss or healthy eating in general, for that matter. I hate to be the Grinch here, but you really can't believe you're trying to lose weight if you are turning a blind eye to this aspect of your eating habits. Personally, I love donuts, especially the ones filled with fruit or the creme filled ones like Eclairs or Boston Cremes, but you have to either limit your exposure to them or cut them out all together if you are grossly overweight, at least until you get your weight problem under control and down to where you need to be.Once there you still need to eat them only on rare occasions lest you want to get on the loss/gain roller coaster. You can always tell someone who's been on a lifelong ride on that not so amusing version of an amusement park staple. The tip off is the loose, flabby skin hanging from the underside of their arms and from various other regions of their bodies. The reason for that is when you loose weight you also loose muscle mass, and if you are not doing something to counter-act that, like doing progressive resistance exercise, when you put the weight back on it comes back as pure fat. Then when you loose it again you've got this loose skin hanging that was there too accommodate the fat. Now that's not the only reason why people have hanging skin, but it's definitely one of the causes. In general if you balloon up with fat you're gonna have the excess skin.

If the donut stand is where you stop for you're breakfast on your way to work in the morning you need to rethink that little indulgence and re-route. Also if that is not your routine, but you are at an office where sales people are dropping off a box of a dozen to curry favor with the powers that be at your place of employment, you had better make a decision about self-control and whether or not you are going to indulge and if you do, well, how heavily (no pun intended) are you going to partake. When I had my sports bar and grill, I had a young girl bartender, who was a large framed girl but nonetheless was an attractive blond who was on the heavy side. When ever one of the food supplier sales people would treat us with a box of donuts, she could not seem to control herself. It was like that array of sugary, frosted delights mesmerized and transformed her  into a women with a vengeance on a personal search and destroy mission with those donuts. She would knock back four (4) of em! Now I was a 205lb. man at that time and I would eat 3 and be stuffed, but she would go me one better and always snatch that 4th one up to wrestle with. It was hysterical to watch because she'd stand over them like she was trying to decide whether to have that last one, as if there was any doubt, and would always give in to her food lust. Her cheeks would be puffed cartoon-like as she forced it bite by bite into her mouth and down her gullet. She just had to have what she felt was her due, come hell or high water or excess baggage. She had the corpulence to show for it too. Watching her gorge herself, it was plain to see why she was carrying those extra unattractive lbs., she simply had not disciplined herself on her food intake as a lifelong practice. Always partaking rather than denying herself a chance to devour a tempting treat. I mean after all, you don't want to squander a perfectly good opportunity. Or do you?