Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Who is Jeremy Schoemaker and Why is He the Subject of This Post?

The answer to "Who is Jeremy Schoemaker?" is, he is the guy that became famous when he posted a picture of himself holding a check from Google for advertising revenue of $132,994.97 for one (1) month of clicks!!! This was from his ring-tones site that was getting upwards of 5000 visitors a day! He has a blog that teaches people how to make money online, and if you're interested in finding out more about Jeremy and his Shoemoney system for helping people make money online you can go here http://urlm.in/fxkx .

Now the answer to the second part of the question in the title is how it relates to the subject matter of this blog. Jeremy had a severe weight problem all of his life to the point where he had balooned up to 490lbs as an adult. He finally gave up trying to loose the excess baggage himself and elected to undergo gastric-bypass surgery that so many chronically overweight individuals are opting for these days. As you can see from the picture it worked because he is at "normal" weight now for his size. To be sure he is still a bit large, but in his defense he is a big, large-boned guy to begin with who can still pack the food away pretty good. I know that he can pack it away because I got an email from him relating how he consumed a couple of pounds of king crab legs in his hotel room between conferences at an all expenses paid seminar where he was a featured speaker. I guess he figured he was going to maximize the benefits of the gig and decided to load up on the crab legs. That's a lot of super-rich shellfish to be consuming for anybody; especially with all the melted butter that is usually used to embellish the already succulent flavor of those large crustaceans. Personally I think he should have restrained himself because he still is pretty heavy, and loading up with all that high cholesterol food is definitely not doing your heart health any favor.

What prompted me to write a post about Jeremy and his lifelong weight problem was a video interview with him that was sent to me via email. The interview was about his life story, from birth to his present day success as an internet marketing icon. Early in the interview he makes reference to his burgeoning weight problem as a young child. What did he attribute that propensity to? None other than his being a member in good standing of his maternal grandmother's "Clean your plate club"! How about that? He's pinning it all on the early brainwashing that he received as a child! That's right. He said from early on he and his siblings were encouraged to eat a lot in order  to grow and of course eat everything they put on their plates. His grandmother even had an honorary club for it, the aforementioned "Clean Your Plate Club". I'm assuming Jeremy was the outstanding member given his size. He said at age 13 he was already a 300+ pounder! Wow!

Now, I agree that we should eat what we put on our plates, but on the front end we should also exercise restraint and moderation, because if you load that plate up and you have to clean it up.... well, I think you can figure out what you are letting yourself in for, especially if you are a reader of these posts and my tips. Also if you are a reader of these tips you know there are strategies on the back end if your eyeballs do get too big and you get carried away and put enough food on your plate to feed yourself for a week.( Can you say "doggie bag"? )  In Tip #1 I make mention of this phenomenon that most of us have been exposed to growing up, and here it is, a guy with a lifelong track record of overeating saying that  the early indoctrination he received as a mere child was the genesis of his struggles. Now that, people, is what I think I can safely say is validation! So what do we take from this sad tale of an individual's losing battle with obesity that resulted in him having to opt for surgery as his only salvation? Do the surgery? Maybe. That might be your only answer if you are at the end of your rope, and of course you can somehow afford it. It is definitely an option with a track record of success. However, if you are not there yet then you need to find another way. The pages of this blog offer you another workable way to get your eating habits under control. These tips give you another way of looking at your approach to eating. In them there are alternative strategies to your previously locked-in, automatic behaviors that you feel you just have to keep doing. They give you an awareness, a mindfulness ( love that Zen reference ) to take charge of your eating practices. In the end, isn't that what it really comes down to anyway?
 Who is Jeremy Schoemaker....

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