Thursday, October 14, 2010

Natural Fat Burning Foods

There actually are natural fat burning foods, and incorporating as many of them as you can into your daily eating habits will go a long way towards helping you achieve your weight loss goals. A food that helps burn fat is one that burns more calories than the calorie content of the fat burning food itself. When that happens you are burning off stored fat. In large part these fat burning foods are plant foods, but there are others that facilitate the natural burning of fat from the body such as fatty fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel. These fatty fish contain Omega 3 fatty acids and they inhibit the production of Leptin, a hormone that slows metabolism. That is why I devoted a previous post recommending that you eat more fish. I also recommend that everyone take a good fish oil supplement to further enhance your ability to burn fat and also for the other benefical influences they provide such as improved brain function.

 Another natural fat burning food is low-fat dairy products because they contain protein and calcium, which together promote weight loss and increased muscle mass. Eating three servings of low-fat dairy a day will stave off both fat and the hunger you might be experiencing when you are trying to cut back on your intake of food.I have also recommended eating nuts as a low fat way to stave off hunger to hold yourself over till the next meal. That's because nuts are high in protein and also help burn more calories than they actually have. Walnuts are loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids, and we already touched on what they can do to help you burn fat. Another great natural fat burning food are raw almonds because they are high in magnesium a key element that helps your body regulate fat burning hormones. They are also a good source of protein, fiber and vitamin E, a proven antioxidant.

Not to be left out of a list of fat burning foods is the incredible edible egg. Eggs are loaded with protein, amino acids and vitamin B12 which breaks down fat into energy among its many other benefits. Eggs have gotten a bum rap over the years from so-called "nutrition experts" for their contribution to the build-up of cholesterol in the blood stream. Without getting into a lengthy discussion about the pros and cons of cholesterol, that questionable contribution has largely been debunked as junk science. Now the prevailing wisdom is that you are doing yourself a grave nutritional disservice if you exclude from your daily consumption at least one egg. That is the minimum daily recommendation to prevent  Wet Age Related Macular Degeneration a disease that will leave you blind in your old age. So eat your eggs!

The natural fat burning foods we've discussed so far are all in the protein family, and they take more energy to digest which aids in the burning of fat and also stabilize blood sugar levels. So you don't want to shy away from consuming protein when you are trying to lose weight, because protein is a building block of life and your body needs it to function properly. The other main group that comprises the major portion of the list of fat burning foods are fruits and vegetables especially those high in vitamin C. Now we know that citrus fruits are very high in vitamin C, but did you know that red bell peppers contain three times the vitamin C as that of an orange? The reason for that is the red color so any vegetable you choose that is reddish in color is rich in vitamin C and something called phyto-nutrients.Green leafy vegetables contain little caloric content and are so rich in fiber that you burn fat when you eat them due to the energy it takes to digest the fiber.

A list of fat burning foods would be incomplete without a discussion of berries which enough good things cannot be said about. Number 1, they are a virtual treasure trove of antioxidants which destroy free-radicals, those pesky little things coursing through our systems that contribute to aging and the overall deterioration of cellular function. Berries are good sources of fiber and vitamins which as we have already said aid in fat burning.

To sum up, you simply need to include more fruits, vegetables, nuts and low-fat dairy products and let's not forget fatty fish in your daily eating regimen as well, if you want to burn more fat and experience more health and vitality. Always keep in mind though that you need to eat everything in moderation, don't want to eat a barrel of low-fat yogurt everyday to gain its many benefits, because you'd end up being as round as a barrel, which, obviously would be self-defeating.
Natural Fat Burning Foods

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