Monday, October 11, 2010

Weight Loss Tales from the Front

The other day I had lunch with my old boss from the mortgage company at a Fuddruckers hamburger restaurant. I am a big fan of this particular burger chain because they do a really good job on all aspects to provide a great product and overall enjoyable eating experience. I have not been in one for a while so I did not know that they had expanded their burger selection from 1/3 lb. all the way up to 1 lb! That's right One Full Pound. I can't imagine stuffing that much into my stomach, but people must do it all the time otherwise they would not have it up there on the menu. Now if you read my first post this is the same boss who is a serial over-eater that I talked about in that post. Well he has not changed his ways and is still as aggressive as ever when it comes to ordering up his victuals. He did not disappoint and stepped up to the plate with a 2/3rds of a pound burger selection from the menu, which he loads up with all the trimmings that they offer to put on top. Oh yeah, and how can a man fully savor his out-sized burger without a heap of  battered and fried onion rings on the side? When they called our number to pick up our order he asked the assistant manager type that handed us our trays if he could have a larger helping of mushrooms to the already sufficient amount ( in my humble estimation ) sitting on top of his burger. The guy questioned him saying "You want more?", and then begrudgingly gave him another dollop while trying to maintain some semblance of the "customer is always right" demeanor. It was clear though, the guy thought my former boss was taking advantage and being somewhat of a mooch, and that he was a little irritated even though he did his best to conceal it. Big Jon, that would be my former boss, had no problem annihilating this over-sized package of food that he had laid out for himself, plowing through it like it was all in a days work. He's a stocky guy with a Buddha belly who gives no indication of ever changing his gorging ways. He's a great and generous guy though, and I just wish he would wake up and realize what he's doing to his appearance and long-term health, for that matter.

As far as what I ordered, well I have to admit I succumbed to the ambiance of excess and stepped up to the 1/2 pound selection, even though I came to the realization about 15 years ago that a half-pound burger is too much for me to eat anymore. I did it because I don't frequent the place and did not want to short change myself on the experience. A 1/3rd pounder would be plenty when it comes to filling me up, but I just like to sink my teeth into a substantial amount of meat. So I indulged myself knowing that it will be a long time before I come back, and that I've been vigilant about not overeating on a daily basis so I could allow myself this excess. This goes back to what I said early-on about not having to deny yourself anything for ever. You can splurge once in awhile, because it's not what you do once in awhile it's what you do every day that makes the difference. REMEMBER THAT DICTUM! It is key to your success in weight loss or in any of life's undertakings, for that matter. I had gotten about half way through consuming that beauty when, sure enough, I was getting the cue from my stomach that I was getting full and should probably stop soon. I ignored it and blithely pressed on as if never having a clue. Ah, the bliss of ignorance, even if it was only pretend ignorance!

So, we had just started our feeding frenzy when my former boss decided his burger experience was not yet complete and got up to get something from one of the many self-serve counters they have to cater to your every whim, and when he came back he remarked somewhat amazed by the fact that one of the guys at the counter actually had the One Pound burger on his tray. He referred to him is that big guy, so, of course, I looked up to see who he was talking about and there were three guys with their backs to us still standing at the counter doctoring their selections. They all looked about the same size to me and not that big. So I said which one, to which he replied the one on the end to our left. I offered that he did not look that big, and my former boss replied that his stomach was huge just as the guy turned to move away from the counter and we got a look at his profile. I mean his whole profile! Here was a guy who was not that tall or big in stature with this bay window profundus protruding from the front of this body. He had to have a 60 inch waistline! It was truly enormous and for such an average sized guy. Now here was a guy who I'm sure could see how big his stomach had gotten, because he didn't look like he was blind to me, who was obviously resigned to the fact that this is just how big he had gotten and was going to keep eating in the lifelong fashion he had become accustomed to regardless of how he looked because that had become his standard operating procedure. After those three guys moved away from that counter then a couple of really huge guys bellied up to it with the emphasis on belly. These guys were well stuffed giants with huge waist lines with a girth that only Omar the Tent Maker could drape. Such is the kind of clientele a place like Fuddruckers attracts because they cater to such insatiable appetites with the gigantic portions that they offer on their menu. Man! I'd hate like hell to have to feed those guys, because it would break my bank not to mention my back. Their monthly food bill alone is probably like the debt of a small third world country! It would seem to me that would be incentive enough to cut back on your eating habits just to reduce your gargantuan food bill. I guess not though, because these guys seem to be resigned to it just like all the rest.

My point here with these Tales from the Front are to illustrate what you should not be doing, in case there was any doubt in your mind about my purpose here. You definitely do not want to emulate these poor souls. So if this illustration bears even a remote resemblance to you then maybe you should look at yourself in the mirror and take serious stock of yourself. Ask yourself why. "Why am I doing what I'm doing?". This is where any meaningful decision must start if you are ever going to get your daily eating habits reduced and under control.
Weight Loss Tales from the Front
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