Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Power of Tuning in to How Full You are Getting

I really can't say enough about getting yourself in the habit of always paying attention to how full you are getting while eating. This one practice alone will not only enable you to control your intake as you implement it every time you eat, it will reduce the amount of food it takes to get you full! That, my friends, is the key. Now I said enable, and by that I mean it will give you the awareness you need to take action. The action being to pull yourself up short and stop eating when you realize you are full or about to be. That takes will power and discipline because it is so easy to ignore the realization that you are full and keep shoveling it in, especially if the food is really good. If you can stop yourself from eating when you reach this point every time, you will notice that it takes less and less food to get you to that point. So what you are doing is gradually reducing the size of your stomach and its capacity to hold prodigious amounts of food. This is the slow and non-invasive version of that stomach operation that is all the rage now. I can't imagine having to resort to something so drastic as that surgery. The people that do it obviously can't reduce their intake for one reason or another. I still can't feature it though, because there are just to many things you can do, (ahem) like apply the tips I am giving you  here, for instance.

I'm telling you, if you can tune in, and I use the word "tune" because you have to set your antenna to the station, if you will, that monitors the feedback you are getting from your body and brain, you will absolutely be amazed at how it will decrease the amount of food necessary for satiation. This provided, of course, if you will heed the message and discontinue eating. Now I'm not telling you to slam on the brakes as soon as you feel yourself getting full. Nothing could be farther from the truth, you just need to realize you are getting full and start thinking about how you can stop and then work into it gradually, allowing yourself to eat a little more as you approach the tipping point. A good thing would be to pause and think, then when you resume eating, SLOW DOWN, because you are near finished and slowing down will allow you to prolong the experience and the enjoyment, especially if the food is great. That way you won't come away feeling deprived or cheated out of putting on a good feed bag. So the trick is to ease yourself from the eating process. If you can do this, and you can if you make up your mind, you will start to see those excess pounds rolling off in no time.

Now go and make up your mind you are going to do this starting with your very next meal!
 See tip # 3...

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